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About us


Mbikudi  is a social enterprise established to manufacture natural hair and skin care products in order to offer confidence and skills building workshops to women and children from ethnic minority and low-income backgrounds. Simply put our mission, is to create natural environmentally friendly cosmetic products in order to help women feel confident and naturally powerful. 

Our products are organic handmade with love in the UK. Mbikudi is a woman who is a mother, a carer and also a pillar of her community and represents a spirit of protection and innovation. Our aim is to empower women.



Hermine Mbiku Kinkela, CEO Mbikudi

Our story

    Hermine Mbiku Kinkela created Mbikudi Ltd to showcase natural beauty with natural organic products, the way nature intended it. Our products are undiluted to ensure you get the full benefits of quality organic products and do not contains  water, preservatives, artificial fragrance, paraben, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum or any other harsh chemicals. Hermine Mbiku is a very active advocate of women education,
    self-confidence and empowerment.


    "I was inspired to create a chemical free and natural beauty line after my hair caught fire on my 21st birthday, as a result of coating my Afro hair with flammable heat protectants containing silicones and petroleum. I have combined my love of nature and my passion for social change to make women naturally powerful."


    Our Health and Wellbeing Campaigns

    Since the beginning of the 20th century, a strange mass phenomenon made women with curly hair use chemically products, such as relaxers or perms, to straighten and alter the texture of their hair. These harsh and very potent chemicals are used to young children as little as 4 years old causing extreme pain, damage and severe burns.

     “Every child has a recognised right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health. We believe that the use of harsh and potent chemicals, in beauty care, that inflicts pain and injuries on children is a breach of Children’s Rights under the Convention on the right of the Child.”

    Hermine Makangu, CEO

    You can read more about the Children's Rights Convention here
    Mbikudi sets out to provide information to assist parents to make better informed choices. Modern researches have shown the harmfulness of chemicals, found in relaxers and perms especially, and how they negatively affect in the overall health of the adults and children. Join our Mbikudi campaign which promotes children rights to health and sets out to ban the use of perms and relaxer on children under 12 years old. You can get involved by emailing us on, by following us on Facebook and by supporting our twitter campaign:
    #norelaxerchildrights or #norelaxerisachildright